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Success Story

AGS Herbals - 15 Years of Excellence in Organic Product Manufacturing and supplying of raw material

In an era where sustainable living and natural wellness have become paramount, AGS Herbals stands tall as a true pioneer and trailblazer in the world of organic products. Over the past 15 years, this remarkable journey has witnessed AGS Herbals grow from a small enterprise into an industry leader, revolutionizing the organic product market and supplying esteemed companies like Himalaya and Dabur [Annexure I]

The inception of AGS Herbals can be traced back to a quaint village, where a group of passionate individuals shared a common dream - to bring the essence of nature into the lives of people, while preserving the environment for future generations. With a commitment to traditional farming practices and an unwavering belief in the power of natural healing, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, laying the foundation for AGS Herbals.

From the very beginning, AGS Herbals set the bar high, placing a strong emphasis on sourcing the finest organic raw materials. They collaborated with local farmers who shared their vision, empowering them to adopt sustainable farming techniques and grow organic herbs and botanicals that adhered to the highest quality standards. AGS Herbals' approach not only fostered a bond of trust with the farming communities but also ensured that their products were of unmatched purity and potency.

As the demand for organic products grew globally, AGS Herbals continued to evolve and innovate. They invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that combined ancient wisdom with modern technology, creating a perfect harmony between nature and science. This unwavering dedication to quality and excellence garnered them recognition not only among consumers but also among major players in the organic products industry.

The collaborations with industry giants like Himalaya and Dabur [Annexure I] proved to be a significant milestone for AGS Herbals. Their organic raw materials formed the core of several best-selling formulations, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable and preferred supplier. AGS Herbals' commitment to timely deliveries, impeccable customer service, and adherence to ethical practices solidified their position as a trusted partner for these renowned companies.

The success of AGS Herbals is not just limited to their business achievements; it extends to the positive impact they've had on the communities they work with. The company's fair trade practices and social initiatives have uplifted the lives of countless farmers, empowering them with a sustainable source of income and encouraging the preservation of traditional knowledge.

Celebrating their 15th anniversary, AGS Herbals takes pride in the countless success stories they've contributed to - the individuals who found relief in their natural remedies, the farmers who prospered through their partnerships, and the loyal consumers who embraced a healthier way of life. As they look toward the future, AGS Herbals remains committed to their founding principles - honoring nature, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering a world that thrives on wellness.

The journey of AGS Herbals is a testament to the fact that dreams nurtured with passion, integrity, and perseverance can transform into vibrant realities. Their unwavering commitment to organic product manufacturing and supply has not only shaped their destiny but also paved the way for a greener and more harmonious world.

Here's to AGS Herbals - 15 years of excellence, and countless more to come!

Some of Our Prestigious Clients

  • Dabur India Limited
  • Himalaya Herb Stores
  • The Himalaya Drug Company
  • Windsor Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Laila Nutraceuticals